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  • Important Update to Our Storage Policy

    May 20th, 2024


    Unfortunately, we have recently encountered a significant number of users attempting to exploit our unlimited storage offering by uploading excessively large and unnecessary files in a spam-like manner. These actions have disrupted our services and imposed substantial costs on our infrastructure. As a result, we have experienced considerable downtime, slowdowns, and service interruptions. To mitigate these issues, we have decided to implement changes to our storage policy for all users on our platform.

    From now on, registered users without a premium subscription will retain the unlimited storage capacity, but to prevent abuse as described above, each user will be limited to uploading between 100 to 200 GB every 24 hours. Additionally, files that remain inactive (i.e., not downloaded) for 30 days will be considered inactive and will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

    Premium users will now have 10 TB of dedicated storage space. This space can also be used for backups, provided that the monthly subscription fee is paid. We are also planning to introduce an option to increase storage capacity, allowing users to purchase additional cloud storage as needed.

    Active Affiliates: We will continue to upgrade the accounts of active Affiliates to premium for free, providing them with as much storage space as needed and very high file retention, or even permanent file retention.

    Who is active affiliate: An active affiliate refers to users who consistently upload and earn income through PPD, PPS, PPV, Referral programs. These are users who generate revenue from their content for both themselves and us. They ensure a reasonable return for both parties relative to the resources they use. We reserve the right to determine who qualifies as an active affiliate.

    Important Note: Premium users who have been upgraded to premium accounts for free by us are strictly prohibited from using our service for personal backups. Free premium accounts are only granted to active webmasters with significant traffic and should not be used for personal storage under any circumstances.

    Please carefully review our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to ensure that you are using our service fairly and appropriately. Misuse of the service will definitely result in the suspension of accounts that violate these policies.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

    Best regards,
    Hexload Team