Acceptable use policy (AUP)

  • What is Hexupload and how it's work?

  • Hexupload is a cloud service provider that offers secure, high-quality, flexible cloud storage to individuals, organizations, content creators. It provides a convenient platform for individuals, organizations and content creators to easily store their own documents, including videos, documents, files, audio, and images, and access them remotely. Our service also enables individuals, organizations, and content creators to easily run or display their uploaded files online and securely store them in a cloud storage, allowing them to run or download them whenever needed.

  • What is this page for?

  • However, like any other service provider, we have implemented restrictions and a list of prohibited actions to prevent malicious activities by criminals and misuse of our platform. We strongly prohibit such activities. Below, we have outlined these restrictions and prohibited activities in more detail.

    It is understood that disregarding this page and it's rules, as well as performing or uploading even one of the prohibited contents described on this page, or engaging in prohibited or restricted activities by us on this page, can easily result in permanent suspension of your account without the ability to apeal. In many cases, we reserve the right to report your actions to the appropriate authorities or the police.

  • List of activities or content strictly prohibited by Hexupload

  • 1. Child pornography or exploitation of children, as well as uploading any content involving individuals under 18 years of age, such as models under 18.
    2. Rape, SCAT, Coprophilia/Snuff Content, Sex with animals (Bestiality Content).
    3. Sex with person in a helpless state (Drugged, Sleeping, Hypnotized Content).
    4. Violent content, such as animal cruelty, human abuse, terrorism, Any type of Gore content.
    5. Copyright infringement content.
    6. Any educational content related to hacking, penetration, cracking of any kind of service.
    7. Any type of infected files, including viruses, malware, trojans.
    8. Any type of tutorials on phishing, scamming, carding, and similar activities.
    9. Any malicious activity that results in abuse reports or complaints from organizations and individuals towards Hexupload.

  • Fair use policy, What is it and why?

  • As our goal is to provide a high-quality service to all our users, it is essential that we keep our platform free from any illegal content and prevent any potential misuse by malicious individuals. Therefore, we have formulated the Fair Use Policy to maintain the quality of our service and prevent any misuse. This policy, enforced through various restrictions on storage space, bandwidth usage by downloaders or uploaders, and other aspects, will greatly assist us in preventing misuse of our platform.

    Below, we have prepared a list that all users must review and comply with. It is evident that disregarding these rules and restrictions will be considered misuse of our service and can easily lead to permanent suspension of your user account.:

    1. Bandwidth (Users who download files): There are bandwidth limitations in place to prevent abuse of our services and resources, as well as to ensure high-quality service and minimize downtimes. Here are the details:

    A. Free users (non-registered): 15 GB of file downloads or streams per 24 hours.
    B. Registered free users: Up to 35 GB of file downloads or streams per 24 hours.
    C. Premium users: Up to 200 GB of file downloads or streams per day.

    2. Bandwidth (The bandwidth used by your files): Please note that we do not disclose the exact limitations imposed on this portion of bandwidth. However, please be aware that if the files you publish impose an unreasonable bandwidth load on our servers, to the extent that it is significantly higher than the normal and customary usage by users, it will be considered misuse of our service, and appropriate action will be taken. This may include the deletion of your files and the suspension of your user account.

    3. Misuse of the player: Our player must be used as provided, and any alterations to the embedded codes, iframe, or player provided by Hexupload, as well as any attempts in any way to remove any portion or all of our advertisements from the user's site and applications, are considered clear examples of misuse and are strictly prohibited by us. In such cases, your account may be promptly permanently suspended, and all uploaded files will be deleted without the possibility of recovery or backup. Furthermore, we reserve the right to file a complaint against the user for such misuse of our platform and to claim damages.

    4. Upload and storage: In this section, like in others, we have implemented limitations to prevent potential misuse.

    A. Free users (non-registered): As a non registered user, You can upload 20 files at once.
    B. Registered free users: As a registered user you will be able to upload 40 files at once.
    C. Premium users: As a premium user you can upload 100 files at once.

    Note: The limitations and numbers mentioned apply to every method of uploading, including browser (web) uploads, FTP, API, remote, and cloning.

    Storage: In the past, we provided unlimited storage space for uploading to our users, both free and premium. Unfortunately, some individuals with malicious intent and profit-seeking behavior exploited this feature by uploading extremely large volumes of unnecessary and spam files (several hundred terabytes!), causing our servers to become overloaded, busy, and slow, and imposing significant costs on us. As a result, our users experienced slowness, interruptions, and voiced many complaints. Therefore, we have now implemented restrictions on the amount of daily uploads for registered free users to 200 gigabytes per day to prevent abuse and spam, as explained above. Additionally, files that remain undownloaded or not streamed by this group of users will be deleted after 30 days.

    For premium users, we have allocated 10 TB of cloud storage. This space far exceeds the usage of 98% of all users on our platform. Therefore, premium users will have ample space for any type of usage or user. Furthermore, files uploaded by these users will be preserved indefinitely and will never be deleted by us, whether downloaded or not. If you feel that 10 TB of space is not sufficient for you, you can easily purchase additional storage volume and use as much storage space as you need. There are no limitations in this regard.

    Active Affiliates: We will continue to upgrade the accounts of active Affiliates to premium for free, providing them with as much storage space as needed and very high file retention, or even permanent file retention.

    Who is active affiliate: An active affiliate refers to users who consistently upload and earn income through PPD, PPS, PPV, Referral programs. These are users who generate revenue from their content for both themselves and us. They ensure a reasonable return for both parties relative to the resources they use. We reserve the right to determine who qualifies as an active affiliate.

    5. Downloading from multiple locations simultaneously is not allowed (e.g., account sharing).

    6. Engaging in massive cold storage (where your files are rarely downloaded) is not permitted, especially for free users and webmasters with unlimited storage. The consumption of resources (storage and bandwidth) from users end must be proportional to users income. This means that you can not upload 20 TB of files and only generate $1 or similar low income in revenue per day. It is essential that users have a reasonable amount of traffic input or sales towards our platform relative to the consumption of space and bandwidth. Therefore, please consider that it is crucial and important that the consumption of resources and your income are logical and proportional to each other.

    7. Using dedicated servers is prohibited if you are continuously downloading throughout the day or generating a significant amount of traffic.

    8. Manipulating the player to obtain the direct link to the video and using the resources unauthorized, such as HotLinking, will result in the account being permanently suspended without the possibility of appeal.