Child Abuse Policy

  • What is Hexupload and how it's work?

  • Hexupload is a cloud service provider that offers secure, high-quality, flexible cloud storage to individuals, organizations, content creators. It provides a convenient platform for individuals, organizations and content creators to easily store their own documents, including videos, documents, files, audio, and images, and access them remotely. Our service also enables individuals, organizations, and content creators to easily run or display their uploaded files online and securely store them in a cloud storage, allowing them to run or download them whenever needed.

    Our Terms of Use, Acceptable use policy, as well as most local laws, prohibit criminal content of any kind.

  • Child Pornography Policy

  • Hexupload has a very strict policy against child sexual exploitation and will not tolerate CSAM. We do not permit any materials containing any form of child sexual abuse to be stored on our servers. If such content is detected, we will promptly remove it and block the IP address of the user who uploaded it.

    Hexupload will take further steps, which may involve collaborating with pertinent law enforcement entities, to aid in identifying and prosecuting individuals engaged in the transmission or distribution of images containing child pornography. Upon request, we will disclose all user information, including email addresses and IP addresses, that we have on record at the time of the inquiry.

    If you find any child sexual materials in our platform please report the links to us immediately on : [email protected] or [email protected] We will take immediate action to remove that file(s).

  • Advanced takedown tool (ATT)

  • To combat this type of criminal and unlawful content, in addition to the actions we take (as explained above), we have developed a tool that allows easy and rapid removal of 1 file or hundreds of files violating laws and involving child exploitation in real-time. We provide this tool to authorized individuals and organizations responsible for monitoring, reporting, and removing such content. With this tool, if identified by authorized entities, there's no need to email us as the service provider to report such content. Instead, you can easily and directly report and remove this type of content instantly on the site, saving considerable time and improving the process of content removal significantly.

    How can we access this tool?

    Answer: Please register an account under the name of your company or yourself on our website using your organization's or personal email and then send an email to [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected], introducing yourself (as a company or individual) and providing your contact information and your user name on the site.