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Powerful and Flexible cloud storage hosting with unique features that allows you to upload your files and retrieve them from any computer. A high quality service is our top priority

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    Top Features

    Hexupload is not just a simple cloud storage, Just take a look at to our features.

    10 TB Cloud Storage

    Premium users have access to a generous 10 TB of cloud storage. This ample storage space can accommodate all your projects, files, videos, images, memories, and backups, ensuring you can access them anytime and anywhere, using any device. And if 10 TB isn't sufficient for your needs, don't worry, You have the option to expand your storage even further!

    High Bandwidth & Transfers

    Non registered users can download up to 15 GB files per day, And registered users can download up to 35 GB per day, Also, For premium users there will be 200 GB of bandwidth or transfers per day.

    Exclusive Video Player

    You can upload and view your videos or audios with Hexupload exclusive player very fast and easy. It's pretty simple and responsive.


    Our system offers flexibility by allowing you to customize how your files behave. You have the freedom to configure the system to prioritize speed for all users or to slow down access in order to generate sales from your content and earn good amount of revenue. This unique and highly useful feature sets us apart from other platforms.


    We have made it possible for users to earn money legally. You can earn money from selling your files, courses, videos or from every visit of your files. This feature is completely optional and you can enable or disable this feature.

    Sell Your Files

    With this great feature, You will be able to upload and sell your content or courses with Hexupload.

    Easy File Manager

    Registered users will be able to access a lovely file manager. You will be able to manange your files just like your PC or phone, it's pretty easy and nice.

    Password Protected Files

    Set password on your files or folders to prevent unwanted access to your files. This feature can brings you more security and privacy.

    Multiple Uploads

    As a non registered user, You can upload 20 files at once. As a registered user you will be able to upload 40 files at once, and as a premium user you can upload 100 files at once.

    Drag & Drop Friendly

    Just simply drag your files from your device and drop them in our upload widget.

    Detailed Statistics

    Our report is detailed, You can easily check how much downloads or sales do you made daily, monthly or yearly. Also you will be able to see your visitors country.

    Advanced API

    With Hexupload API you will be able to upload, rename, get info and many things automatically for your apps or projects.

    Looking for more? Go Pro!

    Get more features with premium access, Get a fast download, ad free experience and much better speeds and quality with premium service.

    Direct Downloads

    Tired of waiting, solving captchas, or dealing with ads? Upgrade to premium and bid farewell to these hassles. With premium, enjoy lightning-fast downloads without any waiting time.

    WEB Dav Sync

    With WebDAV, you can seamlessly integrate your cloud storage as if it were one of your hard drives. Simply upgrade and connect Hexupload cloud storage to your device to effortlessly upload or sync your files.

    No Ads

    Forget the ads. With premium access, You won't see any kind of ads.

    Files Stay Forever

    Premium users files will not be deleted due to inactivity and will stay forever.

    Premium CDN Bandwidth

    With this exceptional feature, you can purchase premium bandwidth to share your files or videos without any ads or limits for all. Your users will be delighted as they won't encounter any ads, delays, or speed limits. Learn more

    Fast Support

    We provide priority support to premium users. You can be sure that we will respond to your emails and chat messages as quick as possible.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Simple. Hexupload is a cloud storage service where you can upload your videos, files, pictures, and documents, then share them with your friends.

    It's free and flexible! Whenever you need to send a file that is too large for email, Hexupload can help. If you need secure remote storage capacity for off-site backups and access to personal data on the go, Hexupload is the perfect solution. Can't find what you are looking for? At Hexupload, we can customize your account according to your needs, providing unique features tailored specifically to you, all for free.

    Forever. For premium users. Files are stored indefinitely. For free users, active files will be stored for 30 days, meaning there must be at least one download every 30 days. If you don't want your files to be deleted due to inactivity, please consider trying our premium plans.

    Yes, The core service is completely free and will remain free. While we offer paid plans for advanced features, more storage, higher bandwidth, higher speed and more features

    Hexupload was created with care to enable everyone to store their precious files. We can continue to provide this service as long as the store files comply with the law. For more information, please refer to our Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), Fair Use Policy (FUP), Copyright Infringement / DMCA Policy, Child Exploitation Policy.

    Important Notice: Violation of our service terms, fair use policy, acceptable use policy, and our overall regulations may result in permanent suspension of the account.

    You can upload your files, videos, pictures, documents via browser, FTP, Remote URL, API, Zoom uploader.

    Simply check out our premium plans. After purchasing one of our premium plans, you can remove the ads completely. To reduce ads from the player and download pages if you're a free user, navigate to Dashboard > Configuration tab and choose Non-Profit mode. This will disable most of the ads (Not all of them) for you and your viewers. Alternatively, you can purchase our premium bandwidth service to completely remove ads from the player for all of your viewers.

    • Track & manage files
    • Upload upto 15GB per file
    • Password protection
    • Exclusive Video Player
    • Flexiblity. You can control almost everything.
    • Huge storge, From 10 TB to Unlimited
    • Longer file retention for webmasters
    • High bandwidth
    • No download limits
    • Ad-Free (Premium)
    • Direct downloads (Premium)
    • Remote upload
    • No downloads delays
    • Resumeable downloads
    • Parallel downloading
    • High transfer quota
    • High download speed
    • Sell your files as you desire
    • Click here to see rest of the features

    Yes, there are bandwidth limitations in place to prevent abuse of our services and resources, as well as to ensure high-quality service and minimize downtimes. Here are the details:

    Free users (non-registered): 15 GB of file downloads or streams per 24 hours.
    Registered free users: Up to 35 GB of file downloads or streams per 24 hours.
    Premium users: Up to 200 GB of file downloads or streams per day.

    If you require larger bandwidth for yourself and your viewers, please consider exploring our Premium bandwidth plans. With these plans, you can access as much bandwidth as you need for your site, app, and your viewers.

    Views/Downloads are counted multiple times within 24 hours per user/ip.

    We have 6 payout options including PayPal, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Litcoin, USDT-TRC 20, Payeer.

    If you have more questions, no problem. We have created a dedicated page to answer almost all of your questions. You can visit our FAQ page for more frequently asked questions.

    Furthermore, if you think that the questions you have are not among the frequently asked ones, please contact us using our Contact Form or live chat button at the bottom right of this page, we will do everything we can to get you started with your account on Hexupload.


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